Our studio policies have been put in place to ensure our studio can run professionally, safely, peacefully and as smoothly as possible.

All clients must adhere to these policies if they wish to book our services. 

Please read carefully below:

Before booking/attending your appointment:

- Before booking your appointment and on the day of your appointment, you will be asked the following questions:

1.Have you had the recent onset of a new continuous cough?

2.Do you have a high temperature?

3. Have you noticed a loss of , or change in, normal sense of taste or smell?

If any of the following questions are yes, you will be asked to cancel/reschedule your appointment for a later date for at least a 14 day isolation period. 

If for any reason you begin these symptoms in the salon or within one week after,  you must let a member of staff know straight away. 

If for any reason any member of staff becomes unwell, we will notify all clients we have been in contact with prior to the symptoms and notify them. 

Please be aware that any booking made may have to be cancelled for if a member of staff tests positive for coronavirus or has any of the following symptoms above. 

On Arrival

- Please arrive exactly on your appointment time, not early or late as you will be asked to wait outside until your exact appointment slot. 

- If you have driven to the studio, you will be asked to wait in your car before entering the studio; a member of our team will call you when its your time to enter. This is so we can control a 2m distance and the amount of people we have in the salon at one time. 

-If you do not drive you will be asked to wait outside at at least 2m away from the door, to allow anyone that needs to leave their personal space. 

- Our front door will be locked as no walk in appointments will be allowed and for any walk-in bookings they will need to made via email; via our "contact us page " via www.leahhill.co.uk

- Please try and refrain from touching our door/handles as you walk in, a member of our team will open the door for you as they will have freshly washed and sanitised their hands. 

-You will need to hang up your own coat on the coat hanger provided, ensuring it will not be touching any on else's. ( which it won't because you will be given a space of your own) 


- All clients will need to wear a face mask before entering the salon, we recommend bringing more than one as spare, one gown per person (will not be re-used), plastic bags to dispose of any used tissues. 

- All staff will be in full PPE; which will include: A face shield, gloves, disposable aprons. 

-Hand sanitiser will be provided throughout your entire service.

-Anti-bacterial wipes will be provided to wipe down your phone or anything you see necessary.

Hand sanitising

-Once you have been let into the salon, there will be a sanitising station to the left hand side of you. You will be asked to use the hand sanitiser provided and to wash your hands using our wash facilities for at least 20 seconds. 

-Sanitiser will be within reach throughout your entire service; so if you feel like you need to re-use it at any point you will be able too, free of charge.

2m distance rule

As advised by the UK GOV the new 2 metre rule will be in place to ensure all clients and staff are kept at least 2 metres apart at all times. The only person you will be less than 2 metres apart too will be the staff member that is providing your service.

The only time you may come into contact with one other person is passing to go to the toilet etc but this will be very unlikely; we just ask you keep your distance wherever you can help it. 

You can have peace of mind that there will only be you and maybe ONE other person in the salon at the time of your appointment in a space that will be peaceful, clean and safe at all times; with just you and your stylist/beautician. 

No waiting area/One person at a time 

-As our waiting area has been removed due to hygiene reasons; we ask that you come alone to your appointment and not bring any guests or children. 

There will be no exception to this.

However, If you are from the same household, for example: mother and daughter; you will be able to book together as a double booking as we have the facilities to accommodate two clients at one time if this is the case for hair clients only

You will not be able to bring someone from your same household as a guest, they must be a client only

Priority booking

- We will try our very best to save morning appointments, for high risk/elderly clients. We will do our very best to accommodate where we can to reduce any potential risks and to keep our clients safe and feeling comfortable. 


- A 50% deposit will need to be taken on all colour service appointments to secure your booking. 

This will be non-refundable, however you will get 48 hrs to reschedule to a later date if for some reason you need to change it. 

- A 50% deposit for all treatments will need to be taken for NEW clients only, on the time of your first booking. 

Cancelation fee 

-Cancelations will need to be made at least 48hr before your service date, failure to do this will result in a 50% charge of your service that will need to be paid before re-booking. 

- No shows or failure to pay 50% of cancelation fee will result in not being able to book any future appointments. 

Late policy

-Arriving late to your appointment is not accepted. 

If you arrive more than 10mins late part of service may have to be comprised but the full amount of your service that you booked for, must still be paid. For example: If you have booked for a cut and blow-dry, you may only have time for the cut and no blow-dry but the full amount of the cut and blow-dry must still be paid. 

- If you arrive more than 10 minutes late to your appointment, your appointment may have to be cancelled. Resulting in the cancellation charge of 50% of your booking to be paid before you re-book. (please see above for cancellation fees)

How to book an appointment/enquire

-All appointments must be made by email, not via walk-in to the salon/phone/text/social media. 

-All appointments/enquiries will need to be made by email only. No appointments/enquiries will be able to be made via walking in to the salon/phone/text/social media. 

Please use our online booking form, you can find this on our "contact us" page, this has all the relevant information you will need to book/enquire.

*Due to the new health and safety guidelines produced by the uk government, they have stated that as long as your hair stylist is wearing a visor/face shield, there is no need for the client to wear a face covering/mask if they do not wish too. However, face coverings will still be provided for clients that wish to wear one and these will be free of charge.